Automobile Air Conditioning

by | Jul 29, 2020

Your air conditioning works by using a refrigerant that’s changed from gas to a liquid through the compressor. Fresh air then flows through the condenser removing the heat. AC maintenance is a little time consuming, but easy to do, and can be important for clean air and health. Air conditioning systems make great breeding grounds for bacteria and mold, which is especially noticeable with smelly odours coming out of the vents.
To clean mold and bacteria out of your system with a disinfectant spray, turn the AC off, and the fan on to its highest setting. Make sure the recirculation option is off because you want fresh outside air flowing through the vents, then roll down your windows to allow the disinfectant and related fumes to blow outside the car. Outside air flows through the vents located at the bottom of the windshield. You can spray disinfectant into those vents, or pop the hood and spray directly into the vent opening. Leave your AC on for 15 minutes to allow the disinfectant to move through the system, and vent outside. If you park your car in a secure location like a locked garage, it’s a good idea to leave the windows down overnight to ensure all the fumes have dissipated.
This cleaning technique is especially useful after periods of cold damp weather, when mold and bacteria build up inside the vents. Cleaning the vent fins inside your car can be done with vacuuming, compressed air, a foam brush, or even Q-Tips. A refreshing organic homemade solution can be made for cleaning, combining equal parts of warm water, white vinegar and a few drops of lemon juice.

We Fix Automotive Air Conditioners

If all this sounds like too much hassle, we get it. Our technicians at Autopro Alignment & Maintenance in Kamloops will service your AC to keep it smelling great, and running at peak efficiency so you stay comfortable in the heat. We are NAPA affiliated, which gives us a speedy access and inventory to all the parts you need for vehicle maintenance. If your air conditioning is not working, we may need to replace the blower. Symptoms of a failing blower may be weak or no airflow coming out of the vents, or the fan blowing only at certain speeds. We will check your AC for clogged filters, cooling fan problems, leaks or compressor issues, radiator trouble, and refill the refrigerant if necessary.
Bring your car in to Autopro Alignment & Maintenance for AC repair in Kamloops or if you are traveling through the city and have problems, come and see us for solutions. We have two locations to serve you – on the East Trans Canada Hwy and Wilson Street in Kamloops BC.

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