How To Winterize Your Vehicle

Leaves are falling off the trees, the days are getting shorter and snow has arrived on our highways. It’s a given you have your winter tires on by now, but there’s more to getting your car ready for winter than swapping your summers for a snowflake/mountain symbol....

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Is it time for new headlights?

Have you noticed sunset is getting earlier as we progress through the season? By mid-winter, it will be dark by 5:00 and unfortunately, unlike cats, we can’t see that well in the dark. We need good headlights for safe night driving, not too bright or we will blind...

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When to Replace Shocks and Struts

As part of your suspension system, a vehicle has shocks or struts for stabilization when driving. Shock and strut condition are important for good handling and the main component is a hydraulic cylinder that smooths… read more