Car Accessories That Make Your Life Easier

by | Dec 3, 2020

Winter driving is not the easiest activity when we’re driving through storms or on dark icy roads. Besides installing your reliable winter tires before October 1, there are vehicle accessories that can make your life easier and safer through the next few months.

Clearing Your Car of Ice and Snow

BC drivers can be fined $109 for driving while their view is obstructed, and that includes obstruction from snow and ice. The windshield and side windows must be in a condition where the vision of the driver is not impaired. Cleaning your car of snow and ice is easier with a good pair of gloves and heavy-duty scraper that is long enough to reach over the hood and top of the car. Buying a quality snow brush with an integrated ice scraper is a good idea, given the fact of how much easier your job will be when you are out in the early morning scraping the ice off your windows. When shopping for a snow brush, be aware that some of them have hard bristles that can scratch vehicle paint. If you are having trouble clearing your windshield and warming the car interior, bring your car in for a heater inspection. You may need a new blower fan or thermostat installed.

Winter Windshield Wipers

Given the low price of these high-quality items, it’s a great plan to buy and install a heavy duty set of winter windshield wipers. These wipers are manufactured with heavy storm proof components and Teflon infused wiper elements for smooth efficient clearing. Winter wipers may seem like a small thing, but when installed in preparation for the season, they can make a significant difference in how clearly you see the road.

Headlights – Let There Be Light

Darker nights and earlier sunsets mean that we may be driving home from work in the dark. Having both headlights working efficiently is paramount to driving success and safety. If your headlights seem dim, they may just need a good cleaning or new headlight lens. Your lens will become naturally foggy overtime, causing light obstruction. We can replace these for you when you bring your vehicle in for seasonal maintenance. Headlight lens covers are economical and make a great difference in visibility for winter night driving.

Seat Warmers

There’s nothing like a nice warm seat on a frozen day. If your vintage car wasn’t manufactured with a seat warmer, there are several options to choose from online. They won’t make winter driving safer, but they certainly make it much more comfortable. If you are looking for a unique gift for your special someone – consider a seat or back warmer for their vehicle.

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