Driving Cool in Summer Heat

by | Jun 28, 2021

How are you doing in our current heat wave? Keeping cool? Driving comfortably in summer heat is easier for Kamloops drivers that in the past. The first air conditioners were installed in cars around 1940, and in the next decade, half the cars made in the US had AC as a selling feature. The vehicles of today are manufactured with advanced HVAC systems to keep cabin temperatures at customized levels. Popular tricks to keeping cool in summer heat including taking along plenty of cold drinking water, ice packs for pet beds and kids, parking in the shade and using a heat repelling windshield cover when you’re parked. Sun visors fit on the outside of your windshield to block heat with a reflective heavy-duty aluminium film. Anti-theft loops can be joined into the door to fix it firmly on the glass surface and you can find styles that fit your vehicle model. Another cool product, sunshades, are easy to install inside windows and protect passengers from UV glare. Of course, parking your car out of the direct sun during a heat wave protects the paint and dash from UV damage.
Have you tried a solar fan for air circulation? Placing a fan on top of the window to blow hot stale air out of the car draws fresher air inside while it’s parked. A rubber strip keeps them locked in place and secure while they effectively reduce the temperature inside the vehicle and maintain good ventilation. Emergency roadside kits are a good idea for summer road trips. They fit neatly into the trunk without taking up too much space and have all the goods you need to keep safe in case of emergencies, including more water, battery cables, and a first aid kit.

Automotive Air Conditioning Repairs in Kamloops

Our technicians will service your AC to keep it running at peak efficiency, so you stay cool in the heat. We are NAPA affiliated, which gives us access to all the parts you need for vehicle maintenance, including AC repairs. If you’re having trouble with your AC when you need it most, we will check for clogged filters, cooling fan problems, leaks or compressor issues, radiator trouble, and refill the refrigerant if necessary.
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