Fuel Injector Cleaning for Kamloops Drivers

by | Feb 7, 2022

Q: What are signs I need fuel injector cleaning?

A: Great question! Signs of clogged fuel injectors are a rough idle, stalling, poor acceleration or high emissions levels. You may also experience loss of engine performance and lower fuel economy. Fuel injectors clog up over time when deposits build up so they don’t deliver the fine mist of gas for maximum performance and efficiency.

Q: Does it matter what type of gas I use?

A: Yes, because all gasoline is required to contain detergents to prevent carbon deposits from forming in the fuel system, but not all brands use the same amount. Your vehicle manufacturer may recommend the best fuel to use for your vehicle, so check your manual. Diesel fuel may not contain enough lubricity for your fuel injection system. Stanadyne Performance Formula adds the necessary lubrication along with cetane enhancement to increase performance and fuel economy.

Q: Can I get my fuel injectors cleaned as part of my regular pickup maintenance?

A: Yes! We can take care of this service for you as part of your regular and required vehicle maintenance. Talk with one of our service advisors to customize any car or truck maintenance you need and get your quote. We never spend more than you approve.

Q: Do you have a product warranty for fuel injectors?

A: Yes. Because of our national affiliation with NAPA AUTOPRO, we have the “Peace of Mind Warranty” that covers all our repairs for 24 months or 40,000 km.
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For more information, please see our Why NAPA Autopro page.

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