Is wildfire ash hard on my paint?

by | Aug 17, 2021

First of all, we’d like to say from both of our teams in Valleyview and the North Shore, we hope all of you are safe and holding up well under our current wildfire situation. We get asked a lot about ash fallout on vehicle paint, so thought we would answer your question here.

Q: Is wildfire ash hard on vehicle paint?

A: Yes. The problem with wildfire fallout is that the corrosive components in the ash are magnified by condensation. Ash and soot sitting on your car doesn’t harm the paint when it’s dry, but a little rain, or just enough fog in the early morning to dampen the surface can cause damage. Hosing your vehicle off with a strong spray will remove debris without scratching and keep the surface clear of caustic potash and other agents that cause chemical etching in the paint.
Besides protecting the exterior of your vehicle, ash and soot can damage the inside of your car or truck. Keeping your windows tightly closed and your filters clean will help keep the interior free of smoke, odour and wear.
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