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by | Oct 7, 2021

Choosing new tires for your automobile can be challenging given budget restraints and confusion regarding the latest trends in tire safety. Our service advisors are ready to answer any questions you have about tires or any other topic in the auto industry. In BC, snow tires go on October 1 to April 30 to legally drive on most routes. Listed here, are our tire services along with a brief explanation.
All-Terrain Tires provide driving comfort on the highway, and exceptional off-road performance.
Flat Tire Repairs: Our tire repair service can usually repair punctures to the tire tread, and leaks in and around the air valve. We can also check and repair your spare tires. If your tire has a slow leak, keep your tire pressure properly inflated until your appointment with us to avoid further damage.
Tire Rotation is an important service, and involves moving tires to a different wheel so they wear evenly over time for better handling and safety.
Tire Pressure Checks means your tires are properly inflated to provide better traction, braking, steering and absorption. This is part of our tire service package.
Wheel Alignments involve restoring factor settings of three angles in your vehicle’s suspension – the camber angle, caster angle and toe angle. Wheel alignments prevent uneven tire wear.
Snow Tires keep you safer on our winter roads by providing better traction and braking. If it’s time for new snow tires, we can recommend the best fit for your vehicle and driving style.
Tire Balancing is probably needed if you feel vibrations at a certain speed. Tire balancing, tire rotation and our wheel alignment services are different, but complement each other to extend the life of your tires and provide superior road safety.

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