Spring Into Spring With New Car Springs

by | Mar 23, 2021

As we say this time of year when our clocks turn forward, “Spring into Spring” but when is it time to change the springs on your car? Your vehicle’s coil springs are important because as part of your car or truck’s suspension, they smooth out your ride by absorbing road shock.
Coil springs don’t need maintenance, but they might to be replaced. If one of your four springs is broken, it’s important to get them replaced. On older vehicles or cars with constantly overloaded trunks (such as delivery vehicles) coil springs may fail due to metal fatigue. Fatigue is also accelerated by driving over rough roads or corrosion. Broken springs are a safety concern because your suspension won’t work as it’s designed to for stabilization. They also may puncture a tire or create a road hazard if a sharp piece falls out on the road. If your vehicle is making a rattling noise when driving over bumps, you may have a broken coil spring in the back.

Driving on rough roads can be hard on your springs.

Coil springs should be replaced when they become weak and sag. Weak springs lower the ride height and is often more noticeable at the rear axle of the vehicle. If you notice increased poor handling and wear on the inside of rear tires, your springs may need replacing. Our wheel alignment service can catch this problem and our technicians can advise you when springs (or other suspension components) need to be replaced.
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