Spring Tune-Ups for Your Car

by | Apr 5, 2021

Spring tune-ups improve safety heading into road trip season. The winter environment is hard on vehicles and after the winter tires come off and get swapped out for your new summers, there’s a few tasks to complete to get your car spring and summer worthy.
The first step is to have an assessment by one of our professional auto technicians in Kamloops so we can customize your spring tune-up. We may recommend:
  • Oil changes
  • Filter changes
  • Wheel alignments
  • Spark plug replacements
  • Fuel injector cleaning
  • Brake systems check and replacement

We will check your wheel alignment and suspension, as winter road grime can wear out ball joints and tie rods and wash away lubrication on suspension points. Potholes and rough winter roads can cause alignment problems that lead to unsafe handling. Brake pads and rotors are checked for wear and replaced if necessary. You’ll want new filters to freshen and clean the air, as we start to experience more dust and traffic fumes when temperatures rise. Along with a fresh smell, clean cabin air filters improve the performance of your AC and increase air circulation inside the car’s passenger compartment. If you’re hearing unusual whistling sounds when you turn your AC or fan on or smell a musty scent, a dirty cabin filter may be the culprit.

One item often neglected is windshield wiper blades. Your windshield wipers are a huge safety feature on your car, even though they seem relatively inconspicuous. Check for signs of winter damage, and swap them out for spring and summer blades if needed. We can replace them if they are damaged and check the windshield wiper fluid.

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