Time for new brakes?

by | Sep 21, 2021

The brake system on your vehicle consists of many components, and when one part needs replacement for a prolonged period of time, other parts can be damaged. Brake pads normally wear down over time, and if not replaced, drivers risk damaging the brake rotors. Rotors are the circular discs connected to each wheel. As the calipers squeeze the brake pads together, the rotors large surface area creates friction as a stopping mechanism. When brake pads are worn, an aggravating metal-on-metal grinding noise results, the heat that’s generated can warp or crack the rotors. Your vehicle should brake smoothly, so if you’re feeling vibrations when you press the brake pedal, you need a brake service. Interestingly, worn brake systems (brake pads, rotors or calipers) can wear down your tires with hard and excessive braking.
Regular brake inspections save drivers money on costly future repairs, but more importantly, keep drivers safe on the road. Avoid preventable brake repairs. Book your brake service with Kamloops AutoPro in Valleyview or the North Shore.

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