Time to replace your headlights?

by | Jan 25, 2022

The days are getting a little longer as we head into the new year, but we still have two months of winter left, with occasional storms and overcast skies. Sunset is currently at 4:35, often making the drive home from work more difficult in the dark. Headlights are one of those safety features we don’t often think about until they start to fade and the road becomes hard to see. Changing out old halogen headlights for newer models can provide brighter, more efficient lighting with up to 25 percent more road visibility. Vehicle manufacturers are increasingly turning to other technologies like Xenon bulbs. They have a distinctive white/blue glow and are regarded as the best choice for visibility. If you notice your bulbs are dim or flickering, it’s time to replace them. Replace bulbs at the same time for consistent headlight maintenance. Consult your owner’s manual before tackling bulb replacements as with other maintenance responsibilities. Headlights are most often replaced in pairs, because once a single headlight goes out, it’s likely the other is not far behind. Like all car parts, headlights have a mechanical lifespan.

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