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by | Mar 1, 2021

Kamloops AutoPro – Certified for BC Trailer Inspections

We work on trailers up to 14,000 lbs including flat decks, box trailers, dump trailer and RV trailers up to 27 feet. Both our locations at Valleyview and North Kamloops are government certified inspections facilities where we look at vehicles that either come from out of province or need an inspection to pass government regulations. Our Valleyview location does mostly cars and light trucks up to 5500 and because we have a bigger shop at the T&H location in North Kamloops, we inspect and repair up to 12,000 kg, bigger trucks, which sets us apart from some. One of the of the things that are a specialty here at T&H AutoPro, is we do trailer inspections as well. Box trailers, flat deck trailers, and goose neck trailers, trailers that are commercial primarily. Customers use them for landscaping, and hauling items to the landfills, and we also set up some inventory to do repairs to those trailers when there’s problems that we find, the electrical, suspension, or brakes. all that can be looked at while the trailer is here and can be repaired and sent on its way with an inspection facility sticker on it so it can be insured and safe for the road.

Our Trailer Services

  • RV Trailers – Holiday Trailer Repairs and Servicing
  • Repairs: Electrical Wiring and Lights
  • Repairs: Electric and Hydraulic Trailer Brakes
  • Repairs: Suspension Systems, Single Axle, Tandem Acle And Triple Axles Shackles, Bushings, And Equalizers
  • Repairs: Suspension Systems, Single Axle, Tandem Acle And Triple Axles Shackles, Bushings, And Equalizers
  • Inventory: Bushings and Suspension Parts
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We have two locations in Kamloops to serve you better, and remain open for business following COVID-19 protocols as updated by the provincial health authorities to keep customers and staff safe. To make an appointment with our auto technicians, phone AutoPro Alignment & Maintenance on 2063 E Trans Canada Hwy – service advisor Nicole at: (250) 374-8787 or T & H AutoPro 130 Wilson Street – service advisor Gena Caputo at (250) 554-3444.

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