What You Need to Know About Car Batteries

by | Nov 3, 2020

Your battery is a necessary item for mobility. With a dead battery, your vehicle is doomed to sit idle in the parking lot or side of the road, and with cold temperatures approaching, that’s an unsettling thought. It’s always best to be prepared in any season, and now’s the time to check your battery and have it replaced if necessary.

How long do car batteries last, you ask? Great question, because some drivers feel they last forever. Not true. Car batteries have a finite lifespan, lasting three to five years, depending on where you live and your driving patterns. Driving in colder temperatures can shorten battery life and driving to-and-from work and local shopping may not fully recharge your battery. Also, if you’ve parked your vehicle for an extended period of time, your battery will self-discharge.


Don’t forget to pack the cables! Battery cables are a necessary item for emergency preparedness in case you need a boost (or need to give someone else a boost). If you’re shopping for new booster cables, be aware that the gauge of a booster cable wire is indicated by an inverse numbering system, and most cars can boost using an 8-gauge cable. Larger vehicles will need a smaller gauge. Using a maintenance charger will keep your car battery fully charged and extend its service life. However, use a car battery charger with caution. You need to choose the right type of charger to avoid risking serious damage to your vehicle’s electrical system and the charger itself. If you have any questions about car battery chargers, give our service advisors a call before you purchase.

Time for a new car battery?

As mentioned, all batteries have a product lifespan that fluctuates with weather and usage.

You need a new battery when:

  1. Cranking the engine is sluggish when you attempt to start the vehicle.
  2. Depending on your make and model, your “Check Engine” light may appear if your battery is weak.
  3. Battery fluid levels are low. Regularly check your water levels. If the level drops below the tops of the plates, you can damage your battery.
  4. If you have a battery leak that causes corrosion around the posts, this can be cleaned or it may be time to replace your battery. Bring your vehicle in to us and have it tested. We will recommend the best battery for your car and the driving conditions in Kamloops.

In our next blog, we will discuss hybrid and electric car batteries and charging stations.

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