Why It’s Important to Keep Your Exhaust System in Good Repair

by | Mar 9, 2022

A broken exhaust pipe or failed muffler can affect your vehicle’s performance and emissions. The muffler is part of your vehicle’s exhaust system that reduces the noise of engine combustion, and also removes exhaust gasses. Our experienced auto mechanics can help you with your exhaust system repair needs. Signs you need some repair work done, are high emissions (is your check engine light on?), rattles, and vibrations, which sometimes only happen on idle.

Exhaust System Repairs for Kamloops Drivers

Our muffler repairs include replacements, tailpipe, gaskets, hangers, bolts, nuts and other hardware. We offer full auto exhaust solutions, from repairs and replacements to high performance mufflers. Whenever your truck, car or SUV is on one of our lifts, we can inspect the entire exhaust system for damage or rust, so if you have been bringing your vehicle to us for regular maintenance, we can keep checking this for you. As your local auto repair centre, we offer a full line of exhaust solution options to keep your vehicle running at peak performance. Bring your vehicle in for an emissions inspection, muffler repair or replacement.
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