Why keep your muffler in good condition?

by | Aug 4, 2021

As part of your exhaust system, your muffler is important by reducing engine noise (with the exception of nerve shattering performance mufflers), controls your engine’s backpressure, and plays a large role in overall vehicle performance. Time to replace your muffler? Yes, if your engine sounding louder than usual, or if you are experiencing low fuel efficiency, gross odours or condensation in the exhaust. Mufflers have a mechanical lifespan and wear out over time, which is a normal with all auto parts. If you notice noxious any fumes, check your muffler for corrosion, because if when damaged, they can leak carbon monoxide fumes with obvious risk-to-health results. Other signs you need exhaust repair are vibrations from loose exhaust hangers (especially at idle), rattles and the Check Engine light illuminating.

Muffler Repairs in Kamloops

Our muffler repairs include replacements, tailpipe, gaskets, hangers, bolts, nuts and other hardware. We offer full auto exhaust solutions, from repairs and replacements to high performance mufflers.
Our Goal: Reliable Auto Maintenance for Kamloops Drivers, including muffler replacements and car and truck inspections to keep you safe on the road. We have two convenient locations in Kamloops serving you from Valleyview and the North Shore.

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