4 Ways to Get Your Car Ready for Winter

by | Nov 17, 2023

Winter is a brutal season for cars, especially for those in Kamloops BC. The icy and snowy roads, extreme cold, and limited visibility can all take a toll on even the best cars. Therefore, it is important to prepare your car for the winter season in Kamloops BC. Here are 4 ways to get your car ready for winter:
Change to Winter Tires – If you live in Kamloops BC, changing your car’s tires to winter tires is legally required. Winter tires offer excellent traction and improved handling in cold and slippery conditions. Get your tires changed by a professional mechanic. For your safety, make sure your winter tires are at the recommended pressure and have enough tread depth.
Check Your Battery – The cold weather can drain your car’s battery, so it is essential to make sure it’s in good condition. Check if your battery is holding a charge and inspect for any signs of corrosion. Replace the battery if needed. Don’t get stranded on the road due to a dead car battery.
Change the Oil & Check Fluids – Cold weather also affects the fluids in your car, so it is essential to change your oil and check fluids. Make sure to change to a type of oil that suits your car’s manufacturer’s specifications. Also, check your antifreeze, brake fluid, power-steering fluid, and windshield washer fluid levels. Top them up if needed. This is part of our regular maintenance service.
jeep driving through the snow
Check Your Heating System & Windshield Wipers – In Kamloops BC, you cannot survive the cold winter without a reliable heating system. Therefore, make sure your car’s heating system is working properly. Test the blower, defroster, and heater. Additionally, check your windshield wipers for proper working conditions. Check the wiper fluid, replace any old blades, and pay extra attention to the wipers if you are driving in snowy conditions.

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It is essential to ensure that your car is ready for winter. The four ways listed above will help you get your car ready for challenging driving conditions. By changing to winter tires, checking your battery, changing the oil and fluids, and testing your heating system and wipers, you will be able to face the winter in Kamloops with confidence. Don’t forget to stay safe on the road by driving slowly, carefully, and always with both hands on the steering wheel. Make sure you are well prepared for winter, so that your car and yourself stay safe and sound this winter.
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