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We know getting your car serviced or repaired can be a hassle and expensive. Our goal is to get your car back up and running as quickly as possible!
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What is Auto Maintenance?

In our world, maintenance is anything we do that will extend the life of the vehicle. This is done by monitoring all the systems and servicing them as necessary. The core of vehicle maintenance is regular engine oil changes but there are other fluids in a vehicle that wear out over time. These are so important to keeping your gears and seals lasting as long as possible.
At Kamloops AutoPro, we take care of coolant flushes, driveline fluids, brake pads and rotors. We do all kinds of steering and suspension repairs including ball joints tie rod ends, struts and shock and finishing with wheel alignments. We also replace wiper blades and light bulbs.
Maintenance services may include:
  • Wheel alignment prevents uneven tire wear and ensures the tires on the vehicle last as long as possible
  • Spark plug replacements to keep engine running at top efficiency
  • Filter changes: air and cabin filters get dirty and plugged from the outside environment.
  • Fuel injector cleaning to keep the fuel system at best efficiency
  • Manufacturers recommend shock and strut replacement at about 100,000km. New shocks and struts gives the vehicle new car ride and handling
  • Tire rotations help to maximize the life of the tire
  • Oil Changes
  • Transmission Flushes and Service
  • Transfer Case
  • Differential
  • Brake Systems
  • Cooling Systems
  • Fuel injector Cleaning
  • Electric Vehicle Brakes & Suspension Repairs

What do Diagnostics Tell Me?

Simply stated diagnostics is the process used to determine the cause of a problem. Usually the term is applied to problems related to warning lights on the dash and drivability problems with the engine. These can mean trouble in your ABS, traction control, heating systems and brakes!
Usually the process is to confirm the problem, use a diagnostic computer (scanner) to determine the system with the fault, analyzing the fault codes and data, consulting technical data bases for procedures, testing individual components to confirm failure. This testing allows the technician to determine the Diagnosis and recommend the repair necessary to correct the fault.
Diagnostics are also used for other issues such as leaks, noises, other component failures. This may entail road tests, disassembly of components to determine cause of problem, inspections and more. All maintenance checkups use our advanced diagnostic tools to ensure your car is running smoothly.

Modern Equipment & Access to Technical Information

We have a full array of modern tools and equipment to service North American and Asian vehicles. As well, our technicians refer to auto repair databases to find the latest maintenance and technical information. Our techs also undergo regular training through our various parts’ manufacturers as well as online training from the NAPA Excellence website.

When to do Auto Repairs

Typically, car owners hear or see something that just doesn’t seem right. Consult with us – estimates are free. We replace batteries, starters alternators, fuel pumps, water pumps, radiators, belts, hoses and electrical wiring.
In our world repairs are anything that we cannot predict that has failed on a vehicle. For instance, we can rarely predict electrical component breakdowns such as starters, alternators, and other motors that make things work.
A lot of repairs can be taken care of with a regular maintenance visit. Inspections are performed on the vehicle; systems are monitored and repairs recommended. For instance, if brakes are inspected regularly then it can be planned when they will need replacement. Same with steering and suspension components as well as tires. This helps with budgeting to keep your car up and running when you need it!
We perform regular repair work including:
  • Brake and Steering Systems
  • Suspension and Shocks
  • Electrical System
  • Engine Mechanical and Heating/Cooling Repairs
  • Fluid Leaks
  • Tires – Mounting and Balancing
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Check those brakes!

If you have your brakes checked regularly, we can detect potential problems before they happen. Regular maintenance is always more cost effective and safer than waiting for a problem to occur. In our regular vehicle maintenance checks, we check your brakes and replace the brake pads if necessary. Some vehicles have indicator lights that trigger, or turn on when the brake pads become worn down, but if your brake pedal is vibrating or you hear squealing when braking, you need to bring your car in to us for brake service. We can recommend ways of keeping your brakes in good working order including flushing your brake fluid regularly, and rotating your tires. We are happy to provide brake service on electric vehicles.
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Keep your wheels aligned!

Proper wheel alignments and balancing keeps the weight of your vehicle sitting on a correct angle on the road. This gives you better gas mileage, smoother steering and reduces uneven tread wear. Signs that your tires are out of alignment can include shaky steering or your car pulling to one side when driving. Improper alignment can lead to suspension damage and tire wear. Often wheel alignments and balancing are performed during your regular vehicle maintenance. The most significant benefit from our wheel alignment and tire balancing service is the extended lifespan and improved performance of your tires. Keep in mind that regular tire maintenance is less expensive than replacing your tires.

We are a Designated Inspection Facility

The Kamloops Autopro Alignment service centre is a licensed BC Inspection facility. When you need a motor vehicle inspection on your automobile or trailer, please drop by. Selling your car or buying a local used car – drop by! It’s wise to bring the vehicle in to us for a thorough mechanical check-over so you know exactly what you are selling OR buying.
We also take care of U-built trailer certifications and RCMP/CVSE notice and order inspections. And we are a government inspection facility for private and commercial vehicles up to 12000 lbs.
Inspections are completed by our qualified/certified mechanics. We check brakes, tires, steering, mechanical (body) integrity, engine compartment, seat belts, warning lights and safety systems, lighting and electrical. When completed, you will receive a comprehensive report from us explaining the results of the inspection. You need this report to proceed with your BC vehicle registration.

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