Auto Repairs and Maintenance in Kamloops

by | May 21, 2021

Our Goal: Reliable Auto Maintenance for Kamloops Drivers.
Whether you’ve been driving your vintage car since ’67 or just bought your first hybrid, there’s one thing all vehicles need, and that’s regular maintenance. Auto repairs are part of your maintenance routine, but regular auto maintenance needs a seasonal schedule to keep your expensive engine running at peak performance. Some general maintenance can be done yourself, like adding washer fluid to the reservoir, and swapping out worn windshield wipers. To keep warranties valid, however, you’ll need to maintain the schedule as outlined in your manual, and that takes professional technicians with the skills and tools necessary to complete the service.
It’s interesting that regular maintenance routines can reduce future repair costs. Engine and components don’t break or fail without a reason. Without regular car or truck maintenance, minor problems can develop into major repair costs or stressful breakdowns. Keeping your vehicle running smoothly is especially important if you’re traveling off-road. Vehicle maintenance extends the longevity of your engine and other components for safer, more enjoyable driving.

Your Owner’s Manual

We understand the pain involved in opening the owner’s manual and reading the maintenance section. But kidding aside, it’s important to fulfill the warranty obligations set out by the manufacturer to keep your engine and components running efficiently. Oil changes are vitally important in the life of your car, and timed by mileage, but you’ll see in your manual there are other parts and fluids that need regular replacement.
Start with our diagnostics service if warning lights are going off on your dash. Our technicians use a diagnostic computer, or scanner, to read your auto systems and analyze fault codes and data. Diagnostics allow a technician to determine exactly what repairs are necessary without adding nonessential repairs to your bill. Repair work after diagnostics, may include brake and steering system adjustments, electrical system fixes, fluid leak fixes and tire balancing.

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