Last road trip of the season? Get your vehicle ready with us

by | Sep 27, 2023

Summer may be ending fast, but it’s not too late to squeeze in one last road trip before the weather cools down. Before hitting the open road, it’s crucial to make sure that your vehicle is in excellent condition. If you want to ensure a smooth and safe ride, you need to head straight to AutoPro Alignment & Maintenance in Kamloops BC. Here are some reasons why a trip to this auto repair shop should be on your to-do list.

Oil Change

The oil change is one of the most critical maintenance tasks for your vehicle. Neglecting it can cause severe damage to your engine and cut your summer trip short. In Kamloops BC, AutoPro Alignment & Maintenance offers quick, efficient oil change services to keep your engine running smoothly. Their knowledgeable mechanics take many factors, such as climate conditions and type of oil, into account when doing the oil change.

Tire Checks and Replacement

Your car’s tires are a vital component of your vehicle’s safety. Driving on worn-out tires or improperly inflated tires not only reduces fuel efficiency but also increases the risk of accidents. During your visit to AutoPro Alignment & Maintenance, the car experts will inspect your tires and check pressure to ensure they’re in top shape. If they detect worn tires, they can recommend replacements to keep your car’s wheels properly aligned.


We all know that brakes are essential in ensuring the car’s safety, and if you’re going on a long road trip, it’s vital to ensure your brakes are in top condition. Many brake problems often arise from extended use without proper maintenance, which can cause reduced performance and safety issues. When you take your car to AutoPro Alignment & Maintenance, the mechanics will perform a thorough brake inspection and provide the appropriate maintenance to keep your car’s brakes performing at their best.
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Battery Inspection and Replacement

Road trips involve long hours of driving, which can put a strain on your car battery. AutoPro Alignment & Maintenance provides battery inspection services to keep your car’s battery in great shape. If the battery is defective or weak, they offer replacement services that will guarantee the battery is running smoothly to prevent any nasty surprises on the road.
Before embarking on your last road trip of the summer season, ensure that your car is in top shape by visiting AutoPro Alignment & Maintenance in Kamloops BC. With our professional auto services, you can relax and enjoy a fun and memorable road trip.

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