FAQ – Your Auto Repair Questions Answered

by | Jul 8, 2021

Q: Do I have to keep checking my tire pressure?
A: It’s a good idea to check your tire pressure often, especially with temperature fluctuations because they change the air pressure in your tires. Rotating your tires to keep the tread even and wheel alignments and balancing keep the weight of your vehicle sitting on a correct angle on the road for steering and handling performance.
Q: How can I protect my car from road salt?
A: Sealants spayed on the underside of your vehicle contain tar, polymers or wax and permanent sealants are applied once to a clean, dry vehicle protect against road salt and other caustic debris. Have your car professionally sprayed, or do it yourself with a quick-dry undercoat. Rubberized undercoating products usually offer the best protection sound proofing as a perk. Wax sealants are economical and seep quickly into deep seams offering moderate protection against corrosion and protect your paint. Wax under-coatings don’t last long, and you may have to reapply every season, but they are economical and easy to apply.
Q: How long do car batteries last?
A: Car batteries last three to five years, depending on where you live and your driving patterns. Driving in colder temperatures can shorten battery life and driving to-and-from work and local shopping may not fully recharge your battery. Also, if you’ve parked your vehicle for an extended period of time, your battery will self-discharge.
Q: Why get regular tune ups?
A: It’s important to fulfill the warranty obligations set out by the manufacturer to keep your engine and components running efficiently. Oil changes are clocked by the mileage you put on your vehicle, and necessary to keep your engine running cleanly and efficiently. Your car’s manual will outline the services you need to keep up to date, including when to change your car’s filters. Without regular car or truck maintenance, minor problems can develop into major repair costs or stressful breakdowns. Start with our diagnostics service if warning lights are going off on your dash. Our technicians use a diagnostic computer, or scanner, to read your auto systems and analyze fault codes and data. Diagnostics allow a technician to determine exactly what repairs are necessary without adding nonessential repairs to your bill. Repair work after diagnostics, may include brake and steering system adjustments, electrical system fixes, fluid leak fixes and tire balancing.


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